Our Brands

Sour Punk

A quality product from General Candy Company, Thailand, Sour Punk candy sticks will take your mouth on a rollercoaster ride; deliciously sweet and sour at the same time. Sour Punk offers various flavors and is loved by the Indian market since its conception in India.


Hartbeat- General Candy Company Limited was established in Thailand in 1983 and the success has been towering. The star-product of General Candy is Hartbeat Corazon Love Candy, a heart shaped candy with centre filling for which we have got into a technical JV with them and producing the same in India. At present they are manufacturing various kinds of confectionery products, such as hard candy, soft candy, licorice, bubble gum, hard lollipops, tablet and snacks.

Shoon Fatt

Shoon Fatt, Malaysia : Shoon Fatt is a Malaysia based biscuits and confectionery factory. It was born in 1966 at a shophouse at Durian Sebatang. Today, Shoon Fatt owns a 6-acre plant with a staff strength of 400. It specializes in making crackers, cookies, wafer rolls and sandwich biscuits.


Oriental foods, founded in 1978, is the leading brand of Malaysia in the production of snack foods and confectionary. We are currently importing Jacker chips and Jacker Wafer Cubes from this reputed company. Jacker potato crisps makes an incredible snack which you can enjoy at any time. Made from the finest imported fresh potatoes, Jacker Potato Chips are prepared in the most delicate manner to retain all the natural goodness and freshness.

Ritter Sport, Germany

Ritter Sport, Germany: RITTER SPORT - Started in 1912 as a small family company has developed into a successful international business today. RITTER SPORT is sold in 80 countries on the globe today. A chocolate in its purest form, available in variations with nuts and grades of bitterness, it is a true chocolate lovers grail.

Royal Dansk

Kelsen, Denmark: Kelsen began life in 1933 as a small family bakery in the heart of Jutland, Denmark. They are exporting to more than 110 countries around the world and are market leaders within the premium Butter Cookies category. We have been in business with them for over a decade importing Royal Dansk Butter Cookies and delivering it to the Indian Masses.


Sapphire (Private Label): This is our private label, born in 2010. Conceived with the idea of making quality products affordable in India, today we are present across the shelves of all major retailers; supplying gift packs, cookies, crackers, hard candies, soft chew toffees & chocolate coated nuts. Our latest product in the market is jelly filled chocolate truffles. We plan to grow this immensely with new innovation for the Indian market.


Tiffany Wafers/ Biscuits, UAE : It is brand of a 3 billion dollar company by the name of IFFCO, one of the biggest conglomerates from Middle East. We represent them for their Wafers and Biscuits. Rich in taste and flavors’, Tiffany is smooth and creamy inside while being crunchy on the outside. We are proud delivering such a quality product to the Indian Market.